Katherine Bellman
Black ink on white paper, a tradition of the east of which I have appropriated to create my series. Using my own subject matter and still using the traditional materials of sumi-e, the series takes on a contemporary version of this type of work. The bodies cover themselves in shame protecting themselves from any viewer, be it woman or man. Self-esteem is something everyone has developed to varying degrees and can take on different forms. For me it was learning about what being a woman was by my own definitions.
Having only discovered my own self again after losing my grandmother, who to me, was the essence of what it meant to be a woman. Although, the times have changed since she was my age. The body once covered head to toe in the name of decency, but now revealing the body has become dominant in the media and society. Using men’s magazines, Playboy, Elle and Vogue my work demonstrates the struggle of a woman growing up in such a society.